Di seguito una serie di articoli pubblicati come autore o co-autore, alcuni scaricabili gratuitamente dalla biblioteca on-line AES:

Use of Wavelet Transform for the Computation of Modal Decay Times in Rooms
147th AES Convention 2019, New York

Cycle-Frequency Wavelet Analysis of Electro-Acoustic Systems
143rd AES Convention 2017, New York

Loudspeaker Electrical Impedance Measurements Methods: A Brief Review
137th AES Convention 2014, Los Angeles

Applications of Inverse Filtering to the Optimization of Professional Loudspeaker Systems
135th AES Convention 2013, New York

Adaptation of a Large Exhibition Hall as a Concert Hall Using Simulation and Measurement Tools
134th AES Convention 2013, Rome

Statistical Analysis of Electro-Acoustic Measurements Sets Using Scilab
131st AES Convention 2011, New York

Inverse Distance Weighting for Extrapolating Balloon-Directivity-Plots
131st AES Convention 2011, New York

Application of Optimized Inverse Filtering to improve Time Response and Phase Linearization in Multi-way Loudspeaker Systems
129th AES Convention 2010, San Francisco

Electrical Circuit Model for a Loudspeaker with an Additional Fixed Coil in the Gap
128th AES Convention 2010, London

Acoustics of the Restored Petruzzelli Theater
128th AES Convention 2010, London

Design and Optimization of High Directivity Waveguide for Vertical Array
127th AES Convention 2009, New York

Time-Frequency Characterization of Loudspeaker Responses Using Wavelet Analysis
123rd AES Convention 2007, New York

Linear Phase Crossover Filters Advantages in Concert Sound Reinforcement Systems: a practical approach
121st AES Convention 2006, San Francisco